Uranium and radiation

Everybody, everyday is exposed to low levels of radiation with no health effects.
People who receive large doses of radiation in a short period, or accumulated large doses over a longer period, may suffer effects on their health.
As in all workplaces, people who work at uranium mines or nuclear power plants are protected from radiation by principles and practices that minimise occupational health and safety risks.
Those same principles and practices determine how uranium is transported to protect the public.
Uranium mining companies take precautions to protect the communities of which they are neighbours from the effects of radiation.
These practices are very effective.
Radiation needs to be managed, not feared.

See our Issues Briefing below, "Uranium and radiation" for some basic facts about radiation and its management.

The Australian uranium industry has a very good track record in radiation management. For more information on the performance of Australia’s uranium mines, see our Issues Briefing “The Radiation Protection Record of the Australian uranium industry”.